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Skill Enhancement Program
Skill Enhancement Program
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Skill Enhancement Programs offer comprehensive online learning material in the area of soft skills for the salespeople who want to develop their career. The programs are created to provide competitive edge training to enhance the skills that will help you to proficiently accept the challenges in today’s aggressive selling environment.

Basic Selling Skills
In this program, you will understand the steps of effective selling, evaluate the steps involved in the buying process, linking the selling and buying cycle, identify the decision makers involved in buying and learn skills for effective selling.

CourseCourse Outline  

After going through this program, you will be able to:
  • Define selling
  • Understand the steps in selling
  • Evaluate the steps involved in the
    buying process
  • Linking the selling and the buying cycle
  • Identify the decision makers
    involved in buying
  • Learn skills for effective selling

Course Content

1. Selling Basics
a. Introduction
b. What is Selling?
c. The Steps involved in Selling

2. Evaluating the Prospects
a. Introduction
b. The Steps Involved in Buying
c. Linking Selling and Buying Cycle
d. Decision Makers involved in Buying

3. Effective Selling Skills
a. Introduction
b. Demonstration Skills
c. Objection Handling Skills
d. Personal Selling Skills
Time Management
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